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Join us for the new season of Cramel, the big winner at the Television Academy Awards, in which we return to the characters who accompanied us in the previous two seasons. Mrs. Bloom will return, only this time she is wearing the Ring of Forgetfulness, which makes everyone not know who she is.
And someone who joined in the last season becomes a leading character in the current season, together with Robbie and Cramel.
This season is joined by another villain named Professor de Ville, and also a mischievous ghost.

Creators and screenwriters: Shirili Desha and Roi Segev
Production company: July August Productions
Actors: Jonathan Bar Or, Omri Lax, Lear Issa, May Kurtz, Efrat Baumwald, Lirit Balaban, Yuval Segal, Udi Gottschalk, Lian Ben Yishai, Anat Shabo Magen, Yoav Donat, Amit Yagur, Nevo Kaminka, Muli Shulman, Bar Brimer and Ido Kolton.

The series is based on the series of  "Cramel" books by Meira Barnea Goldberg

סמן ביומן 2024-03-06 14:30:00 2024-03-06 16:00:00 כראמל עונה 3 - טרום בכורה מתחם WOW, אילת Sapir College Asia/Jerusalem public