The short film is a major milestone on every filmmaker's professional and artistic path. It is a unique genre that provides a plethora of possibilities and challenges that motivate filmmakers to hone their cinematic language, to experiment and find their unique voice.

The workshop will include a discourse with Amit Goren, CEO and artistic director of the Makor Foundation, which supports the development and production of short films. Goren will introduce the "Till 10" project and will address the various phases – from submission to film production. Other guests at the workshop who will impart their experience will be Maya Hefner – a lector and "Till 10" script coach and Uriya Hertz, maker of "Glue" , which was produced in the "Till 10" project. During the discourse we will focus on central questions: What does a lector look for? How can the submission be perfected? How is an idea for a film condensed to up to 10 minutes?

Facilitator: Kobi Mizrachi, Producer ("The Dive", "White Eye").

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