Oren Gerner ("Africa") with a workshop on how to create and direct a low budget independent film. What is the "right" screenplay for a low budget film? The principles of simplicity and narrowing down in independent cinema, the challenges that the process presents and more.

Why opt for independent cinema?

The bleak statistics show that less than 3% of screenplays submitted to film funds obtain production budgets, therefore many filmmakers wait years for funding of their first film, and in most cases, don't obtain a budget at all. Thus, many simply throw the towel in. But the truth is, it doesn't take an enormous budget to produce films. It can be done with lower, accessible budgets, as long as one truly understands the diverse meanings and challenges that come with a low budget production. Often it is the monetary restriction that is the basis for a precise, ingenuous film with a vision.
Oren Gerner is a director, screenwriter, film lecturer, founder of the website Indie FilMaker.  His films were nominated for the Ophir Award, were screened at 150 festivals, including the official competitions of the Cannes Film Festival, Sundance, San Sebastian, and won international awards. His indie film "Africa" made its global debut at the Toronto Film Festival and won the award for Best Film at the Haifa Film Festival.

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