School of Audio & Visual Arts
French film director Claude Lelouch is famously quoted to have said: “Cinema is made for those whose main fault is curiosity”. Indeed, the art of film enables those who practice it to explore both the world around them and their own, personal world. For those who choose a degree in film, curiosity is therefore not only the main fault, but also the greatest asset. A BFA in the arts of sound and screen from Sapir College offers a range of specialization tracks: film, TV, animation, film composition and soundtrack, screenwriting, and film engineering. It provides its students with a huge breadth of knowledge on the art that has left a mark on humanity greater than any other in the last century. At the same time, it provides them with exciting opportunities to gain practical experience in the field and overcome the challenges involved.
The school trains filmmakers and specialists in the various cinema arts who have an attentive ear, a discerning eye, sensitivity and critical reflection, who have developed their own particular voice, informed by their extensive knowledge base and inspired by the unique spirit and location of our school. Studying the arts of sound and screen involves core studies on the history, theory and esthetics of the arts of film and TV.  These are complemented by cultural studies within a sociopolitical context. Significant emphasis is given on studying the cinema and other creative arts of the “south”, as a worldview that subverts hegemonic conventions and challenges the “mainstream south”.
The practicum is the jewel in the school’s crown, situating it in the first rank of film schools worldwide. For the purpose of their practical studies, our schools offers its students an abundance of equipment and aids, including dozens of cinematography and heavy lighting systems, more than 40 digital editing studios, sound studios, classic and computerized animation studios, TV studios and broadcast vehicles. All these are backed by some of Israel’s finest prop, set and grip equipment warehouses. The BFA program culminates in the Cinema South Festival, where the students get the opportunity to present their works to the public. This international festival attracts important film artists from Israel and worldwide, who present their works in master classes and workshops.
For those interested in studying film direction, cinematography, editing, animation and soundtrack design and composition, the school offers five dedicated tracks that provide all the professional basic for their career of choice.

Career Opportunities
Most of our graduates are employed in senior positions in the film and TV industry, in broadcast channels and production companies, in their various areas of expertise: production, direction, cinematography, editing, research and screenwriting, animation, soundtrack design and composition, and film curation and criticism. Many of them have been promoted to key management positions. Some of the graduates prefer continuing to advanced degree studies in Israel and abroad or take up teaching jobs.
Gaining experience in all practical aspects of professional film studies, together with the master workshops and intensive encounters with leading figures in the Israeli film industry – some of them members of our staff – enable students to deeply familiarize themselves with this milieu, making it all the easier for them to kick-start their careers. Cinema South Festival screens our students’ final project to the public and a panel of judges made up of senior Israeli filmmakers, and the outstanding candidates win scholarships and awards. In effect, this festival represents an additional program, unique to Sapir that exposes the student to the local and international film industry and vice versa.
From the 2012-13 academic year students have the option of continuing to MA studies in film production and theory in Sapir.