BA Program in Audio & Visual Arts

2020 Graduation Films
צללית של צלמת עולה על מגדל מים על רקע שקיעה


Efrat Corem,
Filmmaker, Film Track

Students enjoy academic excellence and practical experience finding their own unique cinematic voice. They gain the expertise to create and manage the complex elements of making a movie mentored by the top filmmakers and lecturers in the country.

From the Musical "Zohar" by Hani Gal-Ed
BFA Cinema program - specialization in television


Dr. Itai Harlap,
Director, Television Track

Sapir offers the only Television BFA degree in Israel, providing high-level academics and marketable skills. Our program equips students to become innovative, creative and influential creators for television and new media platforms. 

"Wild Weeds" TV Pilot by Yair Valer
התמחות באנימציה


Ricardo Werdesheim
Director, Animation Track

Among the best animation programs in Israel, designed for imaginative and passionate storytellers. Students specialize in classic, computerized 3D and stop motion methods, work on various formats for films, TV and internet series; docu-animation; public space animation and gaming. 

"Tiny Money" A game developed by Dor Bar & Shahar Peters
התמחות במשחק ויצירה למסך

Screen Acting & Creating Track

Esti Zakheim
Director, Screen Acting & Creating Track

Most acting schools utilize theater techniques, which are not suitable for film. Our program is devoted to the art of acting specifically for cinema. This degree program equips screen actors with filmmaking skills, providing a range of job opportunities. 

התמחות בפסקול ומוזיקה לסרטים

Soundtrack, Music and Sound

Yishai Adar
Director, Soundtrack, Music and Sound

Students experience outstanding courses coupled with practical skills with advanced technology. We offer the only degree in Israel that combines sound studies for movies with music composition to create the atmosphere of a fully realized cinematic experience. 

Opening scene from "Olimpia" composed by Yotam Aluf