In the modern university, academics often shy away from taking on the role of educating stidents on sensitive issues. In the complex societies like Israel,
Not just teaching but 'peace-ing' by Amit Marantz-Gal
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John Chambers, chairman of world Cisco, Zika Abzok, deputy CEO of Cisco Development, Israel, and Prof. Omri Yadlin, President of the Sapir Academic College
*/ An initiative to establish a laboratory and an academic program in new media that will turn the Negev into a global...
Scholars, politicians and activists to discuss 'extremism’ on Fast of Av
The Sderot Conference for Society and Sapir College staged an evening of debates and discussions on the eve of the fast...

The Dean of Students

Israeli combat soldiers will receive full scholarships from the military to pursue a university degree or professional certification.
Israeli combat soldiers to receive full college scholarships
TULIP workshop 2016

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