New products and services launch to global markets at a dizzying rate. Advanced technology is revolutionizing industries worldwide. Hi-tech has become the world’s largest growing job industry.

Sapir Academic College Technological Marketing BA Degree

Is the only one of its kind in Israel. The program exposes students to most recent theories and practices to provide the basis for a critical understanding the commercial, technological and economic processes that operate in the hi-tech environment. Students develop agile and creative thinking in hi-tech marketing by designing and presenting projects to real customers and companies.  Graduates are equipped to operate successful marketing campaigns with in-depth understanding of market research methodologies. They develop R&D management skills from the concept stage to sales, select and segment target markets worldwide, choose optimal branding and pricing strategies.   

Student Internship = Social Entrepreneurship

Student Internship Program: Student interns gain valuable professional and social entrepreneurship skills by providing high-value Technological Marketing services to local small businesses in the Western Negev, increasing their capacity and opening new markets.  

Sapir's Technological Marketing equips students with the toolset required for successful careers in hi-tech management and marketing as product managers, marketing managers, communications managers, digital/internet marketing managers, business development managers and more.

The Technological Marketing department offers four unique specialty tracks in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, ICT, Bio-Med and Digital Marketing. All tracks feature an internationalized curriculum with English Medium Instruction courses.

  • Administrative Staff

    Dr. Ronen Arbel - Head of Department

    Idith Karmi-Medina - Department Coordinator

    Noa Carmon - Students Coordinator
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