The School of Social Work at Sapir College is considered a trailblazer. The school provides its students with knowledge on the key issues involved in Israel’s social problem, as well as exposing them to professional issues high on the international social work agenda. The school sees great importance in training students to become professionals able to reflect on their environment from a critical perspective and act with flexibility, enterprise, creativity and social awareness according to the profession’s values. We cultivate graduates who are aware of their professional obligations but also of their limitations as professionals. The school offers both a three-year BSW program and a system of continuous education for instructors and professionals in the social work and welfare areas and employees in related therapeutic professions. The BSW program provides expertise in general social work, training in international social work as well as unique curricula in the areas of labor, employment and unemployment, rehabilitation and trauma. Other school programs include a research and training center on trauma and resilience, a mentoring program for girls and young women and specialization in rights-based social work in social rights centers located in nearby towns. Our school is also a proud member of the Transnational Academic Careers in Child and Youth Welfare program (TACHYwe) within the framework of the prestigious EU-Tempus project.

The School of Social Work at Sapir seeks to promote social justice and welfare for individuals, groups and communities, particularly in the Negev area. To achieve these aims, the school strives to train and promote professionals with high self- and social awareness, working on a sound basis of professional values and knowledge and able to research and develop initiatives and solutions together with marginalized populations in the area and worldwide. Our BSW program does so by providing a balanced combination of theoretical studies, research training and field practice.
Specifically, to promote its vision the school

  • Trains professionals able to work on the individual, family, community, society and public policy levels in Israel and worldwide, demonstrating high skills, flexibility, initiative and critical reflection.
  • Encourages and develops advanced research using diverse methodologies, based on collaborations between the school faculty and students, other social works in Israel and abroad and service consumers, with particular emphasis on including and giving voice to marginalized populations.
  • Educates on the values of the social work profession as a basis for professional practice and participation in policymaking process. The idea is that social workers’ field and public policy work will always be grounded in a deep commitment for promoting and safeguarding social justice and human rights.
  • Develops and promotes intervention on the individual, family, group and community levels, with special affinity and commitment to the Negev population.

Career Opportunities
Social workers are integrated in government and public services, and are employed in social service departments, schools and other educational facilities, hospitals and clinics both general and psychiatric, nursing homes, correctional and probation services, in the military, and immigration and absorption services. They are also employed in private and public economic and industrial organizations, as well as in civil society organizations and NGOs. A significant global opportunity has been opened in recent years, enabling Israeli social workers to join international humanitarian aid organizations operating in disaster- and poverty-stricken areas around the world.
The Sapir College BSW degree is recognized by the Council for Higher Education in Israel, major employers and other universities, enabling graduates to work in each of the areas listed above, as well as to pursue postgraduate studies and research.
The social work area combines organized professional activity for diagnosing and solving individual and group problems in the social arena. It is designed to expand the resources available to the individual and society, help structure interpersonal interaction, and empower people by increasing their control over their life and improve its quality. The profession is required particularly in contexts of crisis, personal and societal transformation, disabilities, social disadvantage and distress due to external disasters. The social worker operates in a dynamic field that is in constant flux due to broad political and socioeconomic factors. Social transformations are rapid, and so is the accumulation of social work knowledge in order to align the profession with new realities. Issues that until not long ago were far from the public mind and considered inappropriate for social work are now at the center of the practice. Our awareness and commitment to these issues make our school uniquely positioned to prepare its graduates for the social work of the 21st century.

*Subject to regulations

  • Scholarship for excellent students
  • Scholarships for participants in social Involvment Project and other volunteers
  • A variety of stipends and financial assistance programs provided by the Dean’s Office
  • Administrative Staff

    Dr. Merav Moshe-Grodovsky - Head of School

    Yael Nitzan - Administrative Director

    Reut Farber - Practical Field Training Director

    Hadar Elbaz - Special Programs Director

    Gal Machluf - Students Secretary
    077-9802591 -

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