JobSapir - אתר התעסוקה לבוגרים וסטודנטים

This is a unique program which facilitates students’ access to engineering studies at Ben Gurion University and other leading institutes like the Haifa Technion and Tel Aviv University. It enables candidates who have not met the entry requirements of university engineering departments to start studying at Sapir College and continue in other universities. Admission to the university programs is based exclusively on students’ achievements in their first-year studies in Sapir, regardless of any previous achievements. The program is offered based on the belief that sometimes students’ high skills are misrepresented by “dry” admission data. Our faith in the ability of such students open gates to them and allows them to fulfill their dream of acquiring knowledge in a prestigious school and become engineers. In doing so, the program serves one of Sapir College’s most important purposes: expanding access to higher education.

The objective of the program is twofold. First, provide the student with a major share of the knowledge acquired in first-year studies in leading engineering programs. Second, enable the students to demonstrate that his or her skills are sufficient for engineering studies at the highest level. Students who complete the program successfully will be able to complete their BA studies at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, based on the conditions stipulated in the agreement between the two institutes. Other institutes of higher education (the Technion and Tel Aviv University) admit program graduates based on an individual review of their achievements. The program also has student admission agreements with other leading colleges in Israel. This way, we can ensure that every student who completes the program in Sapir will find a proper place to continue his or her engineering studies, commensurate with their skills, without having to skip an academic year.

Career Opportunities
The first step on the way to an engineering certificate and a future in one of the most desirable, fascinating, and rewarding professions in the Israeli and global markets begins in first-year engineering studies.
Completing the first-year assignments successfully and continuing to one of the institutes which give an engineering certificate open doors, according to the graduates’ specific track and preferences, to a wide variety of engineering areas, including: electric engineering, electric and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial and management engineering, materials engineering, communication system engineering, Biotechnological engineering, IT system engineering, software engineering, biomedical engineering, construction engineering, and more.

Continued Studies at other Universities and the Technion
High-achieving students will be able to continue their studies at the Haifa Technion and Tel Aviv University if they qualify, based on an individual review of each student’s achievements.

  • Administrative Staff

    Dr. Yucal Ganot - Head of Department

    Ella Rapaport - Department Coordinator • 077-9802889