Globalization and the development of the Israeli economy have created a high demand for professionals that can quantify financial resources using universal tools. Accounting knowledge is crucial skill for a variety of fields such as economics, finance, business and commercial law, taxes and more.
Sapir Academic College Economics and Accounting B.A. Degree is a 3-year program that provides students with academic studies in accounting and economics with the required training to become accountants, compliant with the requirements of Israeli's Board of Certified Public Accountants. Students gain an understanding of financial markets, microeconomics, macroeconomics, corporate finance, auditing and accounting. Our program offers analytical, quantitative, computing, presentation and other transferable skills required by business, finance and public sector employers. Students are equipped with International Accepted Accounting Standards, tools applicable in Israel and worldwide.

Certified Public Accountant CPA- Israel

Alumni of the accounting track have to pass two external exams and complete two years of internship to obtain their CPA license granted by Israel's Board of Certified Public Accountants.  In 2016, Sapir Academic College was approved by the Council of Higher Education and the Board of Certified Public Accountants to offer a fourth-year of advanced courses for graduates to prepare for their external CPA exams in advanced financial accounting and auditing.   

Accountancy Internships

Our program provides alumni with placement in various Accounting Firms, Finance Ministry, Income Tax Authority, and other financial institutions for the mandatory two-year CPA internship.

  • Administrative Staff

    Dr. Sharon Hadad - Head of Department

    Prof. Gila Benisti - Head of Program

    Meirav Lotem - Department Coordinator

    Calanit Aburmad-Zubiv - Students Coordinator
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