Rapid technological changes and emerging knowledge components constantly introduce new academic challenges. Sapir College is commited  to provide its graduates with the highest proficiency level which is required for successful integration in today's global world.  This is done by collaborating with academic insitutions from Israel and around the world, introducing international programs, conducting international research and developing joint academic disciplines. In this framework, Sapir is an active participant of the "Tempus" program.

The goal of TEMPUS EFA is to improve English language  proficiency among  students and simulate a study abroad experience. The global program focus is directed to acquiring effective communication skills in English, which will improve students' competitive advantage in the work field and enhance students' integration in the global work environment.

The program introduces new pedagogies and thinking processes in an international setting, utilizing advanced learning tools such as Apple Education. The program complies with EU standards and guidelines, and provides its graduates with a participation certificate. Graduates are expected to improve their ability to develop a professional career in a global, international setting.