Sapir College is one of a kind in the Israeli environment with 40 years of driving academic excellence. The institution is positioned as the largest public academic college in Israel, with special community orientation spirit, and consistently looks for the benefit of its students, lecturers and staff.

Sapir College institution awards undergraduate and graduate degrees in the following areas:

Areas of Technology and Business

  • Technological Marketing
  • Industrial Management
  • Computer Sciences
  • Logistics
  • Economics & Accounting
  • Economics & Management

Media & Communication

  • School of Audio & Visual Arts
  • Culture - Creation & Production

Social Sciences

  • Public Administration & Policy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Social Work

School of Law

The Sapir College International (SCI), was established in 2010 to promote and foster new academic projects and programs abroad, mainly in the European Union (EU) initiatives, and with other worldwide regions.
The SCI is creating new opportunities through innovative ideation and successful enrollment with leading consortia in many academic institutions in Europe and Asia. Based on more than ten (10) prestigious International Programs we won – the International Office perform intelligent academic projects, strategize new curricula initiatives, participate Mobility Strand activities and promote the internationalization idea of colleges in Israel.

Our international projects are colored with High Education Standards in instruction and research; characterized with involvement of diverse students population, women, and minorities; empowers working together with people with disabilities mainly through means of distance learning; and use Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to enhance international services coverage and relevancy.

We are constantly exploring and looking for new international opportunities, programs, projects and collaboration. We are aiming to develop mutual research agenda, international curricula, inter-academic programs, Hi-tech and entrepreneurship courses, and more for the benefit of our students and researchers.


  • Programs Staff
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