This unique program combines practical art studies with general culture studies. Graduates receive a BA in culture, creation and production, as well as an art facilitator diploma. The Art School at the Sapir College considers fine art part of a comprehensive and international cultural whole and works to train young artists as creative people, in touch with their environment and the society they live in. The theoretical studies present the richness of the canon of art history and invoke questions and critical thought about visual culture in general. The practical aspect that is woven into the theoretical studies provides knowledge and tolls on developing creative thinking and technical skills in the various media currently used in the art world.
In addition to the classic studies of sculpture, painting and photography, the program is adjusted to the digital and virtual reality, enabling students to experience new media, video art and digital art as an integral part of their practical training.

Art studies to an art facilitator diploma are unique to the Sapir Academic College. This innovative program brings together the college’s Culture Department and Art School. Its foundation is made up of practical arts studies, which enable students to gain firsthand experience, combined with academic knowledge on culture and art history. At the end of the process, graduates will have gained extensive and in-depth knowledge on a variety of art disciplines, including contemporary and ceramic sculpture, painting, drawing, digital photography and video art. The learning process is supported by individual professional supervision of each student, until such time as she has matured into an independent creative artist in the areas of her choosing.
The art facilitator program involves training in initiating and producing culture and art events in large public and private art institutes. This program enriches students with environmental awareness and provides them with teaching and coaching experience, leading them to social involvement in the community through installations, performance art, and projects in such areas as painting, sculpture, photography and video art.
In addition to the intensive art studies and the art facilitator diploma, graduates complete their studies with an academic degree.

Career Opportunities
Studies for a BA in the Sapir Art School train artists in a variety of fine art areas. The extensive theoretical basis we provide, combined with the practical experience in the school, as well as the academic degree, enable graduates to leverage their interest in art into a significant professional career as art facilitators, instructors and managers in art and culture organizations and entities in the public and private sectors in Israel and abroad, as well as exhibition producers and curators. The program provides knowledge and practical experience working in the various art areas with diverse populations, for example: informal and complementary education, activities in rehabilitative and therapeutic settings, facilitation and coaching, project coordination, art direction and producing artistic events in community centers, social organizations, regional councils, and municipalities, establishing and managing galleries and exhibitions, and more.
As a wordless language, the art field is inherently global and international. A BA from the Sapir Art School opens doors to initiatives in a variety of art-related fields that can act as a cultural field between countries and communities all around the world. Our degree also allows graduates to continue to higher degrees in academic institutes in Israel and worldwide.