In a changing and increasingly global economy, human capital is often an organizations' most valuable resource. Increasingly, to maintain their competitive edge, corporations require top notch professionals to manage and developed their Human Resources.

Sapir Academic College Human Resource Management (HRM)

Undergraduate (B.A.) degree program is responsive to changes in the labor markets. Accordingly, our program integrates high-level studies in behavioral sciences, management and economics together with practical organizational tools. Students' gain theory based skills together with up-to-date research methodologies and evidence based practice. Students have the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills and develop HR tech solutions at Sapir's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center. Our comprehensive approach is highly practicable in the rapidly evolving global economy.   

Student Internship Program

Students join site visits and lectures from Human Resource Managers that work in companies in the Negev. Our practice based internship program' places students in participating HR departments, throughout Israel's south. Supervised by mentors, students gain practical management skills as they address actual workplace issues. Post-graduation, a number of former interns are hired as full time HR employees.


Graduates are equipped to design and operate employee recruitment, selection placement and retention systems, together with effective and efficient organizational management skills.  

Our graduates are in high demand. Based on our last alumni survey, 80% are employed in the field of Human Resources, many filling positions at local, national and multi-national businesses, corporations, nonprofits and various institutions in the Negev and throughout Israel.   

Many alumni choose to pursue graduate degrees. Our undergraduate program enables them to enroll in top level HRM, MBA and Organizational Consulting and Development and other prestigious programs. Some continue their graduate degree at Sapir Academic College Human Resource Management and Development MA Program.

  • Administrative Staff

    Dr. Ronit Nadiv - Head of Department

    Nikol Rabin - Academic Coordinator

    Irit Suzan - Students Coordinator
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