Sapir Academic College Industrial Management BA Degree includes courses from a variety of disciplines that offer a broad view of economics and business administration, management skills, optimization methods and information systems, as well as a thorough understanding of planning and control of production processes.

Our program emphasizes systemic thinking, interpersonal communication and the organizational ability to manage projects under schedule and budget constraints.

Graduates are equipped with a versatile toolbox that enables them to work as production and operations management in a wide variety of industries.

Sapir Academic College Industrial Management BA Degree provides academic knowledge and practical skills in planning and operating various complex systems in the following tracks:

Production Management

Students specialize in manufacturing and operations management: management of logistics systems, supply chain management, automation, ergonomics, process optimization and improvement of work methods.

Information Systems Management

Students specialize in various information technologies that include: advanced programming, databases, as well analysis and design of information systems and information systems in industry.

Biotechnology Management

Students specialize in biotech managements in diverse fields that include: agriculture, environment, food, bio-chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

Agriculture Management

Students gain broad knowledge in a variety of fields that include: chemistry, soil and water, plant sciences, animal life, health of livestock and poultry, plant protection, field crops and vegetables, orchards, genetics and genetic improvement, innovation in agriculture and the challenges in modern agriculture.

Final Projects

In the third and final year of studies, students must complete a practical final project in the industry.  Sapir Academic College operates a Final Project Unit, together with local industries to ensure best practice skills with real work experience accompanied by seasoned mentors from the students' chosen field of industry. Students supervised by industry mentors tackle a management problem, develop research methods and evidence based solutions.


Our alumni are in high demand in management production and control, sales and marketing, financing, and product design and development in the food, biochemical, environmental, medical, agricultural and human welfare industries.

Program graduates can continue to MA studies in in Industrial Engineering and Management and Business Administration at top-level universities in Israel and worldwide.


  • Administrative Staff

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