Sapir Academic College Public Administration & Policy BA Degree equips its graduates with up-to-date management tools coupled with a deep understanding of the political, economic, legal and social environment in Israel. Our program emphasizes high academic standards by offering challenging courses that provide opportunities to develop management and research skills.

Students choose from a diverse range of elective courses some with active fieldwork component, offered in small groups. Among the varied topics are big data and democracy, sport and politics, non-profit management, policy analysis is a range of fields (education, housing, security), municipal administration, values and social policy and building partnerships in a multicultural society. These courses provide knowledge and understanding of the society and politics in Israel and worldwide. Students have the option to participate in international programs together with European students.

Our program equips students with meta-skills to analyze complicated issues and manage complex systems in challenging and rapidly changing environments.


Graduates manage politically, socioeconomically and legally complex situations, in nonprofits, local government, public administration and the private sector in Israel and abroad. They can successfully pursue graduate studies in Public Administration & Policy, Organizational Sociology, Political Science, Business Administration and other disciplines in Israel and globally.

Special Programs

Public Sector Internship Program

Students placed alongside top-level managers in key public sector positions, gain invaluable practical experience in the “real” world. Internships take place in local government offices, national government ministries; the Law and Technology Authority, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Equal Opportunity Commission for People with Disabilities. Students commit to volunteer 6-hours a week, attend supervision meetings and seminars on statehood, common good and public responsibility.

The Legal Clinic: Accessing Residents Rights- Israel National Insurance

Students train as paralegals and operate a community Legal Clinic in Sderot. Supervised by staff, students provide residents with free legal advice and assistance on issues pertaining to Israel's National Insurance (social security). The Clinic offers Sderot residents access and knowledge to obtain income support, disability benefits, old age and unemployment benefits.

Public Company Directors Training Course

Open to third year students and the wider public, our 16-week evening course provides legal, financial and managerial training as well as an in-depth study of the role and responsibilities of a board and its directors. Participants acquire broad knowledge in the corporate, organizational and legal structures of companies, authorities and associations. They gain skills in analyzing corporate documents, financial reports, communications and crisis management. In addition, students learn about creating corporate sustainability, environmental quality and community responsibility.

Public Administration & Policy International programs

We offer a number of international exchange programs with leading European universities. Recent programs include “Tolerance & Exclusion as Israel-Germany Policy”, exploring immigration and German-Israeli relations in conjunction with ConAct and the University of Bremen (Universität Bremen) in Germany; and a course on 'National Security & Immigration" in collaboration with the University of Chemnitz (Technische Universität Chemnitz) in Germany.

  • Administrative Staff

    Dr. Ori Lev - Head of Department

    Cindy Flash - Academic Coordinator

    Limor Elbaz - Student Coordinator • 077-9802524