Humanity has a treasury of knowledge accumulated over centuries in creative works, research, cultural, artistic and spiritual endeavors. Exceptionally talented individuals from diverse cultures have made important and unique contributions to this shared human heritage.

Sapir Academic Colleges Multidisciplinary Studies B.A. Degree offers keys to this treasure, providing students with basic disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. The program’s multidisciplinary mix allows students to advance to higher degrees in a variety of academic fields. Our wide range of courses provide a one of a kind intellectual experience.
Our program introduces students to a rich cultural medium that offers transferable skills in analytical and critical thinking, analysis and decision-making processes.

Graduates have extensive career horizons and they choose to professionalize in in a broad selection of fields. Alumni hold key positions in a wide variety of organizations and corporations: in the banking and financial system, hi-tech companies, government corporations and ministries, manufacturing, local government, the health system, private businesses, commerce, etc. Many of them reach senior executive positions.

  • Administrative Staff

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    Efrat Amit - Academic Coordinator

    Natalie Mor - Students Coordinator
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    Carmit Argov - Students Coordinator
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