Modern economies, characterized by sophisticated production and financing systems are experiencing dynamic changes in market structures and commerce.  They require trained entrepreneurs and managers with broad and in-depth professional and managerial knowledge.  

Sapir Academic College Economics and Management B.A. Degree Focuses on the practical aspects of economics. Our program provides high-level theoretical and practical studies in economics - micro and macro, management, mathematics and statistics. Management courses offer practical tools for work and research in administrative and financial accounting, financing, marketing, business entrepreneurship, performance research, organizational behavior and public administration. Graduates are equipped with the skills required for a career in today’s rapidly changing, diverse and complex economic systems.

Student select a specialization in one of   two tracks:

Finance & Capital Markets
Offer students the skillset to work in financial management, portfolio management and securities analysis. This track offers dedicated courses for the Israel Securities Authority examinations for students who choose to work as investment advisors and portfolio managers.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology
This track focuses on the outstanding growth engines of the modern economy. Students explore the linkage between economic growth, innovation, entrepreneurship and technological advancement in small and medium-sized businesses, and how these issues impact the daily decisions of economists and CFOs.

Student Internships

Third year students can choose to join Sapir Academic College's Student Internship program. Participants gain mentors- experts their fields, hands-on work experience, in insurance and financial firms, high tech and the public sector. 

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