*The curriculum is subject to changes at the school’s discretion. Please follow the updates on the school’s website.
The BSW program provides theoretical knowledge, values and practical skills through its various academic courses and professional field training. Beginning in the first year, the students are assigned to practical work in a wide variety of welfare services, population and problem areas, particularly in the Negev area.
The curriculum is unique in its degree of community involvement and focus on current issues. One of its unique programs is the international program, which provides in-depth expertise in social work. The program includes fieldwork in overseas sites in Ethiopia, India, and Angola.
Many of the courses in the school are taught in small classes and workshops, allowing students greater opportunities to express their views and attitudes, train in practical intervention methods and become personally acquainted with the school faculty.
The school is equipped with one-way mirror rooms designed for the unique teaching and professional training needs of the social work curriculum, which includes practices and methods that are unique to the profession.

The curriculum includes four major problem areas:

  • Loss and Trauma
  • Employment and Unemployment
  • Physical and Mental Rehabilitation
  • International Social Work

It accredits its graduates with 120 academic points: 110 in school subjects and 10 in general studies and English as a foreign language. The curriculum introduces the students to a variety of social work intervention methods on the individual, family, group and community level, to normative and pathological personal and social processes, and research methods. The training provided prioritizes values, knowledge acquisition, the development of a professional personality and acquiring intervention skills. Training frameworks include theoretical lessons, workshops and fieldwork.

Elective Courses
The school offers elective courses in a variety of areas: courses on multiculturalism and various specific social issues, as well as courses on work with special populations: working with girls; life in the social margins – social work and homelessness and poverty; Bedouin communities; social initiative and change – a course integrating students and activists with disabilities; and an English-language course on welfare policy.

Pre-Academic Program
The school’s pre-academic program is designed specifically for Bedouin students. Candidates who complete it successfully are admitted to social work studies in Sapir. The program provides its participants with the support required to ensure their future academic success.