Campus Services

The Younes & Soraya Nazarian Academic Library stores all the collections across the range of the disciplines studied in Sapir. It provides in-library reading, loaning and information services to the students, faculty, researchers, college employees, research institutes, and more. The library boasts a huge and up-to-date inventory of books, journals and articles in all disciplines taught at the college, in addition to large collections in art, history, poetry, film, and music.
The library includes tens of thousands of titles, Thousands of digital and net Sources, hundreds current journals, Reach films, sound and video library.  It subscribes to databases in many areas, allowing maximal access to information. Its reading halls and foyer host temporary art exhibitions.
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Career Center
One of Sapir College’s missions is to ensure that its graduates enter the job market upon completing their studies. A career center has been established for that purpose, bringing together college students and graduates and potential employers. Sapir’s Job Placement Unit provides information and ongoing consultation to students and graduates regarding employment options, prepares and trains them for the job search process and connects them to various employers in both the private and public sector.
JobSapir is a site which offer students and Graduate Thousands jobs.
The annual job fair is a peak event in the unit’s activity. Each spring, the fair welcomes dozens of leading public and private employers in the Israeli job market, including Amdocs, Teva, the IDF, Israel Military Industries, Elta, Bezeq, Channel 10 News, Radio South, Israel Electric Corp, Mizrachi-Tefahot Bank, Israel Police, Jewish Agency for Israel, Mekorot, and Osem.
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Accessibility Center
As part of the Sapir Spirit, the college promotes the development of infrastructures that facilitate the accessibility of students with disabilities, both in the physical and in the service aspects. Institutes of higher education must make teaching and learning maximally accessible to all in order to ensure equality of rights and opportunities in education. These values are served by our Accessibility Center which operates under the Students Dean’s Office. The center works to provide students with special physical and other needs with the tools they need to be fully included in college life. This is facilitated by collaborations with other college bodies as well as external authorities  such as the Institute of National Insurance, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health and more. The center provides dedicated services to the following student groups: learning disabilities, ADHD, physical, mental or sensory disabilities, students not fluent in Hebrew, including new immigrants, Arabic-speaking students, and students from the Ethiopian community.
The center helps each student become a motivated and independent learner. It offers adjustments in assignments and tests based on diagnostic and other documents, offers supportive technology, and tailors academic and/or social mentorship programs with individual consulting and support throughout the year. In addition, it helps students acquire learning tools, whether individually or in groups through a unique learning skills course, as well as through workshops. The Accessibility Center building offers computer workstations equipped with learning-supportive software and rooms for mentorship meetings and workshops.
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Catering Services
You will find a variety of restaurants, cafés and cafeterias on our campus. The catering service is supervised by the Dean’s Office, which requires the various vendors to meet high health and hygiene standards. Their prices are controlled and they are encouraged to serve wholesome food.
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The college campus is located at the heart of a green, pastoral landscape dotted with small rural communities and towns. The housing units offered to students in the countryside are surrounded by grass and trees, with one to three bedrooms and a kitchenette and bathroom. The neighboring communities offer a variety of restaurants, pubs, mess halls, launderettes, minimarkets, swimming pools and sports centers. Sderot and the kibbutzim near the college offer a large variety of housing options, including houses and condos.
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Religious Services
Sapir respects believers and observant students. A synagogue is active in the Student Home. In addition, weekly activities related to Judaism and Jewish tradition are offered by Beit Hillel and Chabad. Next to the Student Service Center, a prayer hall serves the religious needs of our Muslim students.
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Health Services
The Deans’ Office Student Health Unit provides health services and conducts preventive and informational activities to raise students’ awareness to various health issues. These include smoking cessation workshops, workshops and lectures on healthy dietary habits, flu vaccinations, college-wide sports and health happening, and more. In addition, a private nursing room is available for mothers. Finally, a Maccabi Health Services clinic operates on campus, with a nurse and doctor on call. Appointments are made through the internet.
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Perach Tutorial Project
Perach is a national tutorial project for children in need of academic and emotional support. Tutors give children personal attention and encouragement, and provide them with positive role models, thereby helping them make the most of their potential, develop high self-esteem and prosper. Usually, the students spend four hours a week with the children. In addition, Perach offers group enrichment projects designed to expose the children to new and important disciplines and areas of interest and equip them with academic and social skills. Most project participants are elementary school children from the region.
Perach tutors are students from all institutes of higher education in Israel, of all disciplines and all sectors of Israeli society. In return for their devoted work, the students receive a partial scholarship or academic credit points.
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Leshem Project
Leshem is a tutorial project in which students without special needs tutor students with learning disabilities. To join the project, apply to the Dean’s Office or the Psychological Service no later than two weeks from the beginning of each semester. Requests to be tutored in the project are made through the college’s Perach offices.
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Sports Center
The Sports Center is equipped with the finest facilities and devices, and is open to all students and faculty members at reduced prices. The center offers warm swimming pools, training halls, sauna, power room, spinning, as well as a large variety of training programs and courses such as yoga, Pilates, Zumba, kickboxing, spinning, aerobics, and Drums Alive.
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IT Unit
The campus IT Unit provides information services to students and faculty members in the following areas: instruction support systems, administrative systems, remote access, distance learning, and planning.
In each area the unit is in charge of the IT systems’ lifecycle: needs surveys, specifying the required solutions, designing alternatives, choosing the alternative for implementation, establishment and integration, operation and maintenance, and ongoing modifications and upgrades.
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Radio Kol HaNegev, 106.4 FM
Radio Kol HaNegev is a regional-educational radio station operated as part of the Israel Broadcasting Authority’s Educational Radio Project. The station is operated by students of the Sapir Communication School’s and serves the Western Negev communities. It is broadcasting also on the internet. Beyond its role as an educational radio station, it is also a training ground and a second home for every student and employee, a home which cultivates creativity, responsibility and social activism.
During times of security tension in the area, the station play's major role for the communities around.
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Electronic Academic Documents
Sapir College is providing its students and alumni official electronic academic certificates.
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