Computers and the technological revolution are changing the way we live, the way we work and the way we manage resources.
The Computer Science Department's vision is to create innovation in Israel's southern periphery. We constantly update courses to remain at the cutting edge of developing technology, scientific expertise and worldwide developments.

Sapir Academic College Computer Science B.Sc. Degree offers an in-depth and broad platform of mathematics, computer theory and software engineering; based on the market demands of the Israeli programming industry. Our degree program combines a demanding learning experience in a supportive environment with practical applied experience and access to the Israeli high-tech market.

We are proud of our personal touch. Expert faculty mentor students and arrange internships within the Israeli software industry. Students gain a flexible toolbox to develop products, find jobs and advance in the rapidly evolving global hi-tech market. 

  • Administrative Staff

    Dr. Nurit Galoz - Head of Department

    Meirav Lotem - Academic Coordinator

    Calanit Abirmad-Zubiv - Students Coordinator
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