Computer sciences studies are the basis for acquiring the tools and understanding required for solving a wide range of computing and calculation problems in all areas of life. The curriculum combines a general theoretical basis in core mathematics and computer science subjects with applied courses and contacts with the Israeli software industry. The new Department of Computer Sciences at Sapir Academic College is a small and well-knit department which offers its students a challenging learning experience in a supportive structure which encourages direct contact between lecturers and students.

B.Sc. studies in computer sciences at Sapir provide the fundamental knowledge required for students who intend to start a career in a wide variety of professions related to computing and software. The program emphasizes a strong basis in mathematics and computer sciences, combined with applied courses and courses in information technology and software engineering. Together, these provide the basic toolbox graduates need in order to find their place, develop and advance in the constantly evolving software industry.
The B.Sc. program is constantly updated in order to remain in the forefront of developing technology, while carefully maintaining the balance between the basic scientific requirements, technological expertise and awareness of worldwide developments.
The training provided by the program enables graduates to find enter and progress in the software industry, or alternatively proceed to higher degrees. The department’s academic staff includes researchers in various areas of computer sciences, together with lecturers who offer comprehensive experience and familiarity with the state of the art in computer hardware and software in Israel and worldwide. The Computer Sciences Department at Sapir considers accessible communication channels for students a high priority, as these can meet individual and group needs and difficulties that may arise from time to time and affect the quality of learning.

Career Opportunities
Computer sciences graduates are recruited to a variety of companies that share the need to build and maintain software-based systems. Many of our graduates find jobs in private software companies as developers using variety of technologies. Others are employed in large IT companies which provide organizational, administrative, financial, and marketing IT services to organizations, corporations and various entities in the Israeli economy. The range of positions offered to our graduates includes software development, system maintenance, R&D and more. Computer sciences studies give program graduates the training they need in order to become members of programming teams and later on lead development teams and advance to management roles.
The studies in the department are concentrated in three days a week, which enables our students to work already during their studies. In the course of the B.Sc. program, students meet with representatives of the Israeli software industry, enabling them to form immediate contacts with the industry, become familiar with the variety of roles and areas in which program graduates are placed and receive job offers. The industry contacts cultivated by the department enable students participating in the annual final BA project to take part in projects proposed by the various companies and deal with real-world issues.
Our graduates can proceed to MA studies in computer sciences, IT engineering, industry and management, as well as to MBA studies in institutes of higher education in Israel and abroad. Our program is certified by the IDF for its academic reserve program.

Final Project
In the third year of their B.Sc. studies, the students complete an annual project which represents the culmination of their studies. This project allows students to demonstrate their ability to solve a real-world problem by applying tools and methods acquired in the course of their studies. Working on their project gives students hands-on experience in the software development process, from the concept stage to developing a prototype which is a working, demonstrable software product. Work on the project is supported by the department staff. The project showcases the students’ creativity, teamwork skills and ability to bridge technological gaps independently.

  • Administrative Staff

    Dr. Nurit Galoz - Head of Department

    Meirav Lotem - Academic Coordinator

    Limor Abuhatzira - Students Coordinator
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