Communications and Media are experiencing rapid and dramatic changes, with a constant demand for content in ever increasing and new platforms. Our innovative degree program specializes in digital media, journalism, radio, TV, marketing, advertising and public relations.

Sapir Academic College's Communication Department is one of the first colleges in Israel approved by the Committee for Higher Education to grant a BA in Communications. Our focus is on the complex and emerging media markets providing our students with the skillset to work in emerging multi-channel options.

We offer significant academic studies combined alongside practical training with the best professionals in Israel. Our graduates are in high demand in a variety of fields such as marketing and advertising, media consultancy and PR agencies, online and print media, radio and television, digital and website design, content management, camera work and corporate communications. Many of our alumni are key industry professionals in leading media outlets, advertising and PR agencies.

Students participate in rigorous academic studies and choose specializations in the following tracks:

Journalism in the Digital Age

Our program, taught by leading expert journalists, provides the training and skills for work in the evolving and complex multi-access media markets. Students gain excellent skills in research, writing, editing, broadcasting, and reporting in diverse and emerging formats. Students operate their own news website, create and edit video print and video, offering practical training for a future in 21st century journalism. They gain valuable experience working and studying in Israel's Gaza border region; gaining expertise in local and geopolitical issues, in an ongoing complicated security situation.

Radio and Digital Broadcast

Our radio program targets students that love breathe and live radio in all its formats and value its potential and impact on society. Offering practical training in radio presenting and reporting; content and music editing; research and production of live broadcasts as well as scripted podcasts. Students operate Sapir College's radio station 'Kol HaNegev' 106.4 FM (Voice of the Negev). They learn by working as presenters, producers, editors and technicians as well as running the station’s website and social networks. Radio Kol HaNegev broadcasts to students and local residents. In times of conflict, students operate Radio Kol HaNegev as an emergency station with a unique and local point of view. As active social entrepreneurs, the students volunteer as mentors in a unique rehabilitation program called 'Radio Focus' run by the residents of the Ayalon Jail. Radio Focus is a radio station managed by inmates, for inmates, broadcast throughout Israel's criminal corrections system.

Marketing Communication and Digital Media

Our program trains the students for various roles in the marketing industry, from content producers, to social media managers and cross-platform campaigners. This unique track focuses on developing a deep, broad, creative and practice-based professional experience of websites design and development, social media management, online and offline PR, campaign and media planning for the digital age, digital design and digital storytelling. Practical workshops provide students with professional and technical skills to create significant content for current and future media platforms.

  • Administrative Staff

    Dr. Moti Gigi - Head of the Department

    Chen Shor - Academic Coordinator

    Haya Nizri - Students Secretary

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