The communication area has been affected by rapid and dramatic technological changes in recent decades, producing new challenges each year. Innovative information channels are opened on a monthly basis and audiences worldwide consume ever-growing amounts of information in a variety of media platforms inconceivable only few years ago. In such a global climate, there is growing demand for media professionals, including technical experts in radio, television and digital media; journalists and reporters in radio, television, the internet and social media; and experts in marketing, advertisement, and public relations. The Sapir College School of Communication is one of the first in Israel authorized to give its graduates a BA in communication studies. Specializing in both traditional and new media, the school offers a theoretical academic curriculum combined with professional workshops in the following programs: journalism, radio, TV, digital media, marketing communication, advertising and PR. This variety enables our students to specialize according to their skills and personal preferences.

The department provides a BA in Communication, Creativity & Criticism to graduates who have completed theoretical studies as well as one of five professional training programs. The programs include a large number of workshops as well as practical training provided by the finest industry professionals from the media and advertising agencies.

Career Opportunities
Communication studies in Sapir are designed to enable graduates to enter a variety of activity areas in the mass media industry, including: marketing and advertising, media consultancy and PR agencies, printed press, radio and television channels, digital productions, website design, content management, photography and filming, and corporate communications. Many of our graduates have reached key professional positions in leading print, broadcast and internet media, as well as advertising and PR agencies. As well as employment opportunities, a BA in communications from Sapir entitles graduates to pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies in communications in every university in Israel and abroad.

  • Administrative Staff

    Dr. Moti Gigi - Head of the Department

    Chen Shor - Academic Coordinator

    Haya Nizri - Students Secretary

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