Rapid technological changes and emerging knowledge components constantly introduce new academic challenges. Sapir College is commited  to provide its graduates with the highest proficiency level which is required for successful integration in today's global world.  This is done by collaborating with academic insitutions from Israel and around the world, introducing international programs, conducting international research and developing joint academic disciplines. In this framework, Sapir is an active participant of the "Tempus" program


The goal of TEMPUS EFA is to improve English language  proficiency among  students and simulate a study abroad experience. The global program focus is directed to acquiring effective communication skills in English, which will improve students' competitive advantage in the work field and enhance students' integration in the global work environment.

The program introduces new pedagogies and thinking processes in an international setting, utilizing advanced learning tools such as Apple Education. The program complies with EU standards and guidelines, and provides its graduates with a participation certificate. Graduates are expected to improve their ability to develop a professional career in a global, international setting.   


Project period 2013-2015
Subject: Develop an international model for curricular reform in multicultural education and cultural diversity training.
Our partners: Israel, Georgia, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands, Estonia and Brazil.
The project aims: training teachers in cultural diversity and developing educational programs, which promote pluralistic values and leadership based on mutual respect, and understanding, and enhance attitudes of tolerance and coexistence among different cultural, ethnic, religious and secular groups in Israel.
As part of the project, a collaboration between the Technology Marketing Department and the Culture – Creation and Production Department  is taking place , developing multicultural education courses. Additionally, an online system will be developed with one of our partners, Landau University, will provide online learning with multicultural features.
Dr. Hana Maoz  from the Technology Marketing Department is leading the project.


Project period: 2012-2015
Subject: Integration in the interdisciplinary area of Engineering, Design and Business
Our partner: Israel, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Germany.
The project aims: to improve the exploitation of a new knowledge integration in the interdisciplinary area of Engineering Design and Business at higher education institutes from an industrial perspective – improving innovation as well as academy-industry relations.
As part of the project, many partnership opportunities are being established between the Technological Marketing department, Computer Science department, Industrial Management department, and Project Management department with universities in Israel and abroad.
In addition, lecturers and the students take part in international interdisciplinary courses exposing them to International pedagogies  which were developed in the IDEA project. this framework, a research about curricula improvement (combining Technology studies with Social and Art studies) is conducted by the Technological Marketing Department.  



Project period: 2012-2015
Subject: Internationalization of Educational Institutions
Our partner: Israel, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands.
The project aims: Fostering Academic International Relations in Israeli Colleges to Promote High Education, Research and Innovation.
Participation in IRIS promotes the internationalisation process of Sapir College by collaborating with institutions from abroad, and strengthening the capacity for international research both for individual college faculty members and college research authority.
Dr. Hana Maoz  from the Technology Marketing Department is leading the project



Project period: 2012-2015
Subject: "Students Support and Development Services – SSDS"
Our partners: Israel, Italy, Estonia, Romania, Azerbaijan, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Estonia and the United Kingdom.
The project aims: to establish in Higher Education Institutions  from GE/KZ/KG/AZ/IL advanced and updated services to students and alumni,  based on specially designed methodologies and tools according to the best European practices, able to meet the needs of a globalized world and to develop a quality assurance culture among students and staff.
The project promotes the development of international infrastructure and services for students and faculty, by offering sustainable student and faculaty exchange programs. This requires extensive collaboration between the Student Union, Student Dean Office, Communication Department and Technology Marketing Department.
Dr. Hana Maoz  from the  Technology Marketing Department is leading the project


Project period: 2013-2017
Subject:  students exchange program sponsored by the EU, enabling Sapir students a study abroad opportunity for a period of one semester in a European university.
Our partners: Masaryk University - Czech Republic, University of Granada - Spain, Sapir College, The Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University, Interdisciplinary Center, University of Haifa, and more.
The project aims: To create partnerships between institutions of higher education in Europe that are pro exchange student program. To encourage faculty exchange and  research programs and to  promote European higher education in Israel. Our vision is to introduce  different learning cultures to students, who will in turn develop heightened cultural and academic awareness.
The head of this project is Dr. Hana Maoz, Sapir Tempus Office


Project period: 2013-2016
Subject: Lifelong Learning in Applied Fields
Our partners: Israel, Spain, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Portugal and Italy
The project aims: To promote lifelong learning by developing and piloting  quality, innovative curriculum that has at its foundation the capacity to provide students in healthcare, communications and teaching with tools and skills for new professional developments and innovation, concentrating on communities of learners and on work within and with communitiesThe consortium address the challenge of academic institutions to maintain their relevancy in the topics that they teach by developing higher education curricula directed at constructing novel teaching/learning approaches of Evidence Based Practice and Learning (EBP & EBL), Team Based Learning (TBL) and New Learning Environments (NLE), some of which already practiced by the expert members from the EU institutes supporting the curricula development effort. The head of this project is Dr. Hanan Maoz, Tempus Sapir Office


Project DARE focuses on providing inclusive education in higher education for students from three vulnerable groups: women, ethnic minorities and those with disabilities. The project will assist individuals with special needs to access education, to enjoy everyday life and to overcome discrimination against them in society by providing support services and raising public awareness and acceptance. Another venue to accomplish equal opportunities for target groups is training academic and administrative staff to deliver accessible service. Thus, within DARE different professional groups will be provided with training program for enhancing their ability to approach properly individuals with disabilities and ethnic minorities

Project IN2IT focuses on providing tools to advance institutions internationalizations. These tools will strengthen the capacities for teaching, learning, research, and training, and to improve the quality and positioning of Israeli state-funded academic colleges in higher education

Project CLEVER aims to promote the Creative Industries in Israel in terms of education, economy and policy. This will be carried by developing new modules and enriching existing courses. In addition, there will be a significant student and stuff exchange programs to Europe

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